The Zombie Apocalypse is Here

Zombies. They're everywhere. I can't escape them {thankfully, I mean that in a figurative way}.

The problem is that zombies give me nightmares. I made it through two episodes of The Walking Dead before I swore it off permanently due to lack of sleep that night.

Let's be real - who really likes to watch humans being eaten by creatures of the undead? So, why is everyone obsessed with them?

My theory?

People understand zombies.

Think about it.... The zombie apocalypse is happening. All around us. Right. Now.

No, I don't mean that there's some terrible virus spreading across our world.... but instead we are living in a world populated with human beings who are so disconnected that they might as well be undead.

No wonder it gives me nightmares. That's terrifying, am I right?

Our population has become REALLY good at turning off our emotions, denying our desires + straight up avoiding everything that makes us the unique species we are. Why?

Because if we were to actually FEEL the vulnerability in our emotions, it would lead to pain.
Because if we voiced what we WANTED in life, we would be disappointed.
Because if we shared who we ARE, we would be rejected.

Because it's easier to just go through the motions than actually engage with life. Right?


How do I know? Well, I was a zombie a few years ago. I worked at a job I hated, but I did it because the money was good and I was convinced I couldn't possibly make enough from my business to pay myself a salary. I would have to flip this imaginary inner switch when it came time to work, because I couldn't possibly face the pain it caused me to be so out of integrity with my actions.

How you are in one area of your life is how you are in all areas of your life.

Pretty soon that switch wasn't so easy to flip anymore. The animosity I held towards my job seeped into every area of my life. I never wanted to get out of bed because it meant doing my job. When I finished working my job, my hatred for it was all I would think about. I would have anxiety attacks even looking at my laptop.

So I just turned off. I lost my passion for life. I stopped doing the things I enjoyed, and started watching a lot of reality television {it was about the only thing that made me feel semi-normal}. I was a shell of a human. A zombie.

It took some deep soul searching and a few Universal 2x4 moments to put me back on my path + reignite that undeniable passion which naturally flows through my veins. But I was willing to do the work to make sure my life wasn't wasted. I wallowed in my sh*t. I felt the pain. I faced the anger. And I made it through.

But unfortunately the same can't be said for a lot of our population.

We need a massive Universal 2x4 to help us stop running away
from life + start running towards it.

What would it look like to embrace the ENTIRE human existence - joy + sorrow, euphoria + despair, birth + death, soaring + sinking? Humanity is an experience of contrast. In denying one end of the spectrum, we end up denying both and living in a perpetual state of 'meh'.

This is a topic I am especially passionate about. It breaks my heart to know that people are voluntarily choosing a life of numbness. Which is part of why I have chosen to reopen The Group Sessions, a 10-week course designed to support a small handful of women in building lives that inspire them.

Because if you're not inspired by your life, what's the point?

Applications are currently open + I invite you to consider taking this step towards falling in love with your life. This step in embracing ALL of who you are. This step of dedicating your existence to fully living in every moment.

I have witnessed the impact it has on every woman that has enrolled, and it gives me such satisfaction knowing that there are women out there defying the trend. Women who are willing to feel + embrace + live ALL of life. Here are two examples:


I'm looking forward to supporting you as you choose to embrace your inspirational future!