The Red Circle

The Red Circle is a sacred space for women to learn, grow, and laugh together.

This is where we will bust myths and trash the taboos that keep us separated, misinformed, and isolated.

How many beliefs do we each carry around that have been passed on to us from our parents or our peers? Each of us picks up beliefs throughout our lives that have been passed down through generations - and like a game of telephone.... they are often miscommunicated or misunderstood and lose the meaning they originally intended OR were skewed by cultural events that no longer pertain to us.

For example, did you know that the shame around a woman's menstrual cycle was linked with the witch hunts? Ancient romans believed menstruating women were dark witches. Women began hiding their monthly cycles because if they were found (or turned in to the authorities by other women!) they would be burned alive. Funny how the embarrassment many of us feel every month stems from such an old, outdated event. Yet, we continue to carry the secretive and shameful nature in our lives and pass it on to the subsequent generations.

So I want to ask you..... how are your old beliefs working for you?

Do your current set of beliefs align with the woman you want to be?
Are you ready to shed them like a snake who has outgrown its skin?

This CAN be an easy process. You CAN be supported in building a new foundation for yourself. I am gathering with eight phenomenal women to cover six key areas to self-empowerment as follows:

  1. Inner Game: This is my week. I'll be teaching intuition, setting your mind up for success, and goal achieving.
  2. Hormonal Balance: Learn if your body is out of balance and some practical ways to get back in balance.
  3. Nourishment: Break up with dieting for good and learn the keys for your optimal health.
  4. Relationships: Examine how you can feel empowered in all your relationships - including the most important one with yourself!
  5. Financial Freedom: Change your belief system about money and build a solid + positive relationship with your finances.
  6. The Mysteries: Learn old rituals, self-care, and embrace your menstrual cycle.

If you're ready to make better choices in life, tap into your true potential, and gain clarity around ALL aspects of your life - please join me for a supported and safe 13 weeks in The Red Circle.

It's time for you to thrive.
See you in the circle!