What's YOUR True North?

According to Wikipedia, True North is: 

the direction along the earth's surface towards the geographic North Pole. True North differs from Magnetic North (the direction a compass points toward the magnetic north pole), and from Grid North (the direction northwards along the grid lines of a map projection).

I was asked by Cardtorial to explore the concept of True North in this week's blog. And it has really gotten me thinking.... how do I find my True North? And what was the turning point for me to reset my trajectory to stand in my power at my True North?

While most people think of True North as a destination and a static location on the earth..... I've come to realize that's not the case for me. My True North is a continual, everyday unfolding - complete with several realizations that my True North is in fact in constant motion. 

Which was an even cooler realization once I learned that while True North never geographically moves, apparently it is also in a constant state of change. According to GIS Geography:

Scientists have tried marking the North pole. Because the water here is permanently covered with moving sea ice, it’s practically impossible to construct any type of permanent station at the true North Pole.

I journaled a lot on my trip back to Minnesota this weekend (using my gorgeous Cardtorial journal, obviously) to look back on my ever changing True North, as I have perceived it during the various states of my life. 

The key turning point in my journey towards truly embracing my True North was shedding my backup plan and getting off the fence. I know there are varying opinions out there about whether or not you should have a Plan B. I recently read an article on Forbes with studies that show having a backup plan can be detrimental to your success. But others, like Elizabeth Gilbert, recommend not placing the stress of 'making it' on your hopes and dreams because it's the easiest way to crush them.

I know that, for me, taking decisive action and committing to my outcome with 100% of my being is the only answer.

Even last year, my mom asked me, "what's your plan if this doesn't work out?" And my answer was, "that's not an option."

The Universe responds to commitment. It responds to daily bold action. It responds to a singular vision. And it was that, combined with my zero f*cks policy, that absolutely led to my explosion of purpose and living from my True North unapologetically, every day.

So regardless of how my True North continues to unfold.... All I know for certain is that I'm all in. No holds barred. Whatever I decide is my True North - it has my commitment. Because showing up as anything less than my 100% is not worth it for me.