Turn Your New Year’s Resolution into a New Year Leap

How about we all do ourselves a favor…. And not make New Year’s resolutions this year? What do you say?

I mean, feel free to waste your time on it if you’d like, but we all know that New Year’s resolutions don’t work. What most of you may not know is why.

New Year’s Resolutions seek to manipulate the Physical World without paying any attention to the Spiritual World. As you know from reading Permission to Leap {see what I did there?} that’s not how change occurs.

Since the Scientific Revolution, Western culture and society has encouraged us to define ourselves by what lives outside and asks that we rely on it to complete us or make us whole. But this requires everything in the Physical World to be perfect before you take action on your vision, before you feel fulfilled by your life or before you allow yourself to enjoy your human experience.

When you run your life constantly focused on what is external, you remain in fear of the unknown, resistant to building trust in yourself, and you allow others to dictate your worth and success.


Real, true and lasting change does not come from manipulating our physical world. You can lose the weight and still feel incomplete. You can meet the man and continue to feel lonely. You can make the money and it will never be enough. You can move into the dream house and still feel unsettled.

Why? Because transformation is not about the external markers or accolades. It’s about making the adjustments and alignment inside, and then watching the results of these inner changes be revealed in the Physical World.

So, this year, instead of wasting your time and energy trying to temporarily manipulate your Physical World…. Why not commit yourself to creating the life you desire from the inside out? Why not look at the long-game and say yes to something so much bigger than any temporary high the Physical World will throw your way? Why not break the addictive up and down cycle and actually take the leap into the depth, fulfillment and satisfaction that you desire?

Make 2018 the year you actually began to take things seriously and said yes to creating a life that inspires you.

If you’re in for being guided towards a powerful, lasting and transformative year ahead - respond info@briseeley.com and let’s talk about what it could look like for you to stop sprinting towards quick fixes and begin training for deep transformation.

I am here to support you as you commit to your inner exploration. Remember: everything in the Physical World is temporary. The only place you’ll ever find happiness, fulfillment and success is within.  


I have a few spaces remaining for my 3-day immersive retreats in Los Angeles, Seattle and Minneapolis….. As well as availability in my 6-month group training. If you’re committed to taking the leap, you can find a way to make this work for you. The Spiritual World will always support you when you leap.

Stop making resolutions and start leaping.

Love + Leaps,

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PS. I can’t sit by and watch what is happening in our world any longer….. But it is only with your help that I can spread this message rippling around the world. If you know someone who needs to hear this message, please forward it along to them and/or connect us.