What is sexy?

Victoria's Secret recently released their annual list of "What is Sexy" which led us to ponder on that question: What is exactly the meaning behind being sexy? After talking with a few of our favorite women, we have come a few agreements - the main one being that sexiness is confidence. A woman is at her sexiest when she has a good attitude about who she is and has the confidence to share it with the world. We believe sexiness has nothing to do with the amount of clothing you're wearing but by the attitude you carry it with and the happiness in being sure and confident in who you are.

That being said, we picked three categories from the Victoria's Secret list and identified our own winners in each category.


#Sexiest Sense of Humor: Emma Stone

We picked Emma Stone because she is always very confident in her sense of humor. From standing up and lip synching 'All I Do is Win' to her witty, fun answers in interviews, Emma is a woman who is confident enough to laugh at herself and bring on the funny. These are qualities we can get with any day of the week.


#Sexiest Natural Beauty: Beyonce

Beyonce definitely woke up flawless and she lets us know with her occasional make-up free selfies. It's good seeing someone own the natural look and sing about empowering women to feel confident from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, regardless of the make-up they might or might not be wearing. 



#Sexiest Smile: Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres is a woman who has been through it all and she's still smiling at the end of the day. Happiness is the number one thing that makes a woman beautiful and sexy and Ellen has it down. She is always smiling and always joyful and that's something to emulate in our everyday life. 

How do you define sexiness? Who would you nominate for the "What is Sexy" awards?