Where Do I Even Start?

I get this question frequently. When you know that there's something just not right..... You feel numb or checked out from life..... You are frustrated, stressed out, anxious, and generally unhappy..... You feel stuck..... Maybe you're sleeping more than normal or packing your schedule - all to avoid the inevitability of dealing with whatever is feeling 'off' in your life..... What's the first step to moving forward?

Occasionally I speak of the moment when everything changed for me. It was a day in January, 2014 when I was ugly crying, snotting, and incoherently sobbing in a puddle on my bed. And in a moment I saw for the first time the reality of my circumstances - I did NOT want to be living the live I found myself in. 

And that is where you start.
You start by acknowledging and admitting that you
want something different. 

My brilliant friend PJ Dixon said it perfectly when I interviewed him for the upcoming Be Amplified podcast.....

"The first thing you have to do is admit you want
something different.... and that's freakin' scary!"

Most of the women I encounter are not willing to acknowledge or admit to this. I get it - it's hard to say YES to this unknown territory without being able to clearly see what's on the other side. Unless there is a clear and concrete path to follow.... it's just easier to stay in the painful and heartbreaking circumstance in which you currently reside.

Because the unknown is so much worse than whatever
you're experiencing now, right?

Let me tell you a little something.... opening up to + embracing the unknown journey ahead is the easiest and most direct path to take. I know, because it's NOT the path I chose on that day in January.

I chose to KNOW in my heart that I was miserable. AND THEN I chose not to do anything about it. Which is absolutely an option.

You can choose to not take action.
But that's typically when the Universe will take action for you.

It's like you're forcing it's hand. You can choose open up to the possibility that lays on the other side of your fears and hesitations. OR the Universe can open up that possibility for you. And usually that looks something like: losing your job unexpectedly, totaling your car, broken relationships, a health scare, or more.

How do I know? I've faced ALL of these things in the past two years. Yeah, all of them. Simply from staying in fear. Simply from choosing the 'safe' route. Simply from denying my soul.

Because when your life or your actions are not aligned with your heart + soul..... Life will find a way to make them align. Your soul knows more than you ever will. It's simply a matter of time AND whether it will unfold with ease or if the Universe will unfold it for you while you kick + scream + hold on for dear life {oh, the memories.....}.

ALL OF THIS is why I do what I do.

I WANT women to embrace the ease in unfolding their path. I WANT women to say YES to their heart + soul. I WANT women to stop denying their desires and stop putting their needs secondary. I WANT women to embrace that power within them.

I am here to support you in learning how it's done + stand
by your side through the entire process.

I have a few spaces remaining in Being Inspirational: The Group Sessions - and it's VERY likely that one of them has your name on it. This is a foundational 10-week course that will provide all of the tools + knowledge that I had to dig and discover and figure out on my own during those two years. These are the practices + actions that I use EVERY day.

It is ONLY with these practices + actions that I have created (and continue to create!) my life as I have - the life I WANT to be living. I would not have expanded into signing with a Book Agent, quadrupling my income, moving into my dream office, growing The Amplify Collective by over 2000% so far this year, serving numerous women to radically change their lives, and more.

Whatever your heart desires to be on this list for YOU - it's possible. Yes, it looks different for everyone, but that's not the important part because the tools, principles, and actions are universal. They work for everyone who is open to it.

So while acknowledgement + admission is the first step....
now it's time to do something about it.

I teach this course because I KNOW it works. And not just for me. Read what some of the past participants had to say about Being Inspirational: The Group Sessions.....

I seriously know what a big step this is. It's epic and monumental. And it takes a lot of gumption.

Lean on me. Having someone (or multiple someone's - since this is a group course!) by your side lessens the intensity of it. Plus, it makes the process much more fun!

I look forward to receiving your application and talking with you about the most beautiful future that awaits you. XO, Bri