White Horse

2015 was the year of the White Horse for me. No, I’m not speaking about some secret Chinese New Year kind of thing…. I’m speaking about fairy tales.

{Because no matter how independent we may have been raised to be, there’s no denying that the Disney movies didn’t leave at least a little residual expectations about life! Am I right?}

Ok. Back to 2015. So there I was. Sitting around praying that someone would save me. I had dug myself into quite the hole emotionally, spiritually, and financially. And the best answer I could see was for someone to ride in on a white horse with all the answers and all the money.

Yes, that was the logical path to follow. Keep praying for a miracle. Get an investor to just fund me out of my issues. Hiring experts just hoping that their magic elixir worked on my business. Positioning myself here. Meeting all the right people there.

I got so caught up in searching outside myself to change my circumstances, that I lost my power.

I was waiting for someone to fix me and save me. When the whole time I was forgetting about the only one person who could do that - me.

This whole “white horse syndrome” can be so detrimental because external solutions never work for internal problems. They’re like putting a bandaid on a tumor - simply covering it up but not dealing with the underlying cause. Because if you don’t see the problem, it doesn’t exist, right?

I totally get that it’s easier that way. It’s so much easier to just find a quick external fix to this discomfort we experience. At any moment we can just get a new job. Or find a new significant other. Or move cities.

It’s easy to experience this illusion that all of our problems are solved. That is…. Until the discomfort creeps back in. And then we have to get a new job. Or significant other. Or city.

It’s easy to complain about how your external circumstances aren’t perfect. And they’re not bringing you the feelings you desire. Because if we don’t have to take responsibility for our feelings and our results in life, then we can keep up this charade of quick fixes and never address the actual problem.

Except that gets exhausting. Continually on this roller coaster ride with the highs of the new job, followed shortly by the crash of disappointment that your internal landscape still feels incomplete. The ups and the downs, and the ups and the downs, and the ups and the downs.

I don’t know about you, but I feel way too old for that stuff. It’s exhausting.

So, how do you get off the roller coaster? Well, the most satisfying way I’ve found to create long-lasting and satisfying change in your life is to take responsibility and recognize your power to give it to yourself.

Praying for an investor, or a raise/promotion, or an introduction, or to be “discovered” is placing your power in the hands of others. And as easily as those things are given, they’re just as easily taken away.

And while you may perceive buying your own damn white horse to be harder…. In the long run, it is much more rewarding and pays grossly higher dividends.

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