Wild Soul Movement

I just finished interviewing Liz DiAlto of the Wild Soul Movement on my weekly blogtalkradio show Inspire and Influence. And I just had to follow up our amazing conversation with some additional links for you all to check out.....

First - you should listen to our talk. Liz shared how she uses sensual movement to help women connect with their bodies in the Wild Soul Movement series - and so much more!!! 

Second - You can practice some of the movements on your own with access to this free video (Thanks Liz!!!). And if you feel inspired by this video and connecting with your body, join Liz for the Wild Soul Movement - enroll and claim your spot HERE!

She also talked about a blog that she wrote after her first experience posing nude and truly falling in love with her body. This was a blog she didn't publish for OVER TWO YEARS after the photoshoot because she didn't feel like she had permission to do so. It's powerful. Read it here.

Thanks again to Liz for joining me on Inspire and Influence today!

Be sure to listen in next week (3/9) at 1pm PST when I interview Mama Seeley!!!