Women Learning to Love

You probably have learned that the women in my life are very important to me – including you – which is why I’m posting this invitation.

I know a lot of amazing women - many of whom are struggling with self-acceptance and worthiness. This saddens me because I believe we are ALL inspirational and worthy of everything we desire in the world! 

I recently received a special invitation to partner with P.J. Dixon (The Love Guru) and his phenomenal team for the Women Learning to Love summit. 

This unique video summit features 21+ experts in the area of self-love and will position you to explore and discover a love for yourself that will profoundly change your life forever!  FOREVER! It is my privilege to extend this invitation and encouragement to you:

Click Here to Join Us Now! Register for the Women Learning to Love Summit and listen, with thousands of other women, to 21+ experts (including me) as P.J. skillfully interviews each one of us and allows us the opportunity to freely share our insights into the wisdom of being a truly beautiful + inspirational woman.

This summit will provide you with the wisdom to help you sincerely embrace the messages of:

  • forgiveness,
  • releasing resistance,
  • mind-body connection,
  • the importance of uninterrupted emotional expression,
  • exploring, discovering, and living your authentic life,
  • methods of manifesting,
  • ways of opening your heart fully to genuinely fall in love with yourself, and
  • how women are designed – naturally – to embrace their inherent value with open arms and blossom into their most beautiful essence of innate femininity.

I am genuinely honored to be a part of such an important and influential summit. I respect and admire P.J. for his integrity with his mission To Love Deeply and Teach Others to Do the Same!

Imagine, for just a moment, being able to let go of all the negativity, hurt, disillusionment, doubt, and disappointment that you hold about yourself.  

Imagine looking in the mirror and hearing – and feeling – I Love You!  

Imagine having the wisdom, courage, and self-esteem to Choose You First - and not feel guilty or selfish.

You are worthy of genuinely loving yourself!  And you’re supposed to!

People who love themselves have healthier, happier relationships; experience less emotional and physical pain (scientifically determined); have closer friendships; and live more fulfilling lives.

They show up bigger in the world and, therefore, leave a more lasting, positive impact on those they love – because they recognize, accept, appreciate, and live from that place of self-love and inherent value.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look in the mirror and hear your mind say, “She’s Pretty,” only then to realize . . . you’re looking at yourself?!  Or have this constant, and ever-present, feeling of joy, peace, serenity, connection, appreciation, gratitude, and, of course, love – for yourself?

I know because as a woman who personally lives from this space – my life is significantly richer!

Is it really possible to leave behind the negativity and other self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, and practices?!  ABSOLUTELY!!!  I’ve done it, P.J.’s done it, and so have ALL the other featured experts – and Now It’s Your Turn!

If you're ready for real change, I invite you – and ALL of the women in your life – to Join Me and my fellow thought leaders NOW for the Women Learning to Love Summit!  

This Promises to Be an Epic, Life-Changing Event!

Looking forward to seeing you in the summit!


Note: The summit runs from 4/11 to 5/1. My interview is scheduled to be released on 4/13. Register HERE.