Be Amplified: the podcast

Last week I was able to see a big dream come to fruition. You may have heard about the women's movement in Los Angeles that I co-founded with Coach Thais, The Amplify Collective. It's an UN-networking movement to support women in showing up past their job titles and talk about who they are, instead of what they do.

It has been an amazing 9 months since we started this movement. We've seen phenomenal growth.... and yet we know that it's not enough. We can't just be catering to the women of Los Angeles, right?

Because EVERY woman we meet immediately inquires, "When are you bringing it to MY city?"

And we just had to listen. That is when Be Amplified: the podcast was born.

Every week we will be bringing you real and raw conversations on topics that are totally relatable to living an amplified life, as well as featured experts from around the world.


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