Workwear Challenge

Are you getting tired of the office wear? At Bri Seeley we know how boring it can get to wear the classic looks for the office day in and day out so we were excited when Who What Wear posted an article with out of the box ideas to try in the office. We took the challenge and styled some of our pieces taking inspiration from some of these out of the box ideas. The first look idea was given to us via the wide-leg trouser. Our ‘Clara’ pant is perfect for a refreshing take on office pants and it’s a fun and chic way to look professional and stylish. Pair it with a sheer sleeved top like Italia Ricci and you got a win-win look by mixing in some other trends for the summer. Make sure the sheer is conservative and work appropriate -we don’t want your boss to be mad at you!-. The ‘Chloe’ top is perfect because it has a high neck and the sheer is reserved to the sleeves.