Make a Statement

Fashion gets a bad rep for being a shallow industry. A lot of people can't get past the clothes to look at the deeper things hiding underneath the pretty surface of garments. Fashion, before anything else, is an opportunity for self-expression. You should wear clothes that make you feel a certain way as they are the first impression you give. Fashion is a way to show the world who you are. 

There is another thing that fashion can do and it is talking about the deeper things happening in society. In this years' London Fashion Week, Vivienne Westwood took the runway to showcase her political opinion on Scotlands' referendum to see if they want to separate from the UK. With a simple pin, Westwood turned the conversation unto politics and what is happening in the world. Sometimes a speech isn't necessary to make a statement, and in these moments Fashion is key. 

As a fashion designer, I take the moments like the one Vivienne Westwood presented as inspiration. I have always strived for the garments I make to have a deeper meaning and it is that every woman can and is inspirational. As such, I have taken the aesthetic of my collections as a way to start a conversation on what it means to be a woman. The conversation can be seen in The Inspirational Woman Project and is also reflected in every design I create.