You Should Abandon New Year's Resolution Now.

It's true. I mean, there's only an 8% success rate for New Years Resolutions and over 25% of people give up in the first week. So you should just not even try, right? 


Here's the deal. Most New Years resolutions are destined for failure. Not because you're incapable of changing your life, but because you're going about it wrong.

Behavioral studies have shown that there are several keys for being successful. From my experience, there are three main keys for making your goals a reality:

1. System for Success
Approaching a goal without a set plan is a sure path to failure. It's important to not only have a measurable goal, but to also set up markers along the way to ensure you're still going in the right direction. AND to have a built in support system to keep you going on the days you just want to stay in bed.

Having someone in your life to hold you accountable can be the difference between giving up your goals within the first week and seeing them through to the end of the year.

2. Investment
Financially backing your goals is the best way of achieving the transformation you seek to embody. Think about it - if someone gives you a set of weights, are you likely to use them? Or would you be more likely to use weights at the gym where you've paid a significant amount of money to be there?

Money is a HUGE motivator and the amount of money you invest in making your dreams happen is directly proportionate to the level of transformation you will receive as a result.

3. Perspective
If you want a new job, a new business, a new attitude, or a new outlook - these things cannot be created from your current viewpoint or thought patterns. You must create a NEW perspective and NEW thoughts, then apply them persistently and consistently to your daily life in order to facilitate the change you seek.

Doing things the way you've always done them will only get you the results you've always gotten.

Here's the good news - I'm here to support you in the New Year.

I just wrapped a 9-week group program wherein women made their craziest goals come true in record time. One of the inspirational women launched a Freelance PR business and filled her client roster - in a week! Another of the inspirational women set up the entire foundation for her business. And yet another landed her dream job.

How? They took bold action to create their ideal futures - RIGHT NOW. They decided to stop telling the same stories that put them into their situations. They stopped playing victim to their circumstances and took a stand to create their desired life as an inspirational woman.

They succeeded by investing in a system for success to change their mindset, their perspective, and inevitably their results. 

Because that's how inspirational women roll.

If you're truly serious about making 2016 the year you changed everything, the year you said YES to owning your place in the world as an inspirational woman, complete an application here and let's talk about if or how I can support you through this. APPLY HERE.